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Plaza del Museo Art Fair – Fine and Affordable Art in Seville

Every Sunday morning, Sevilla sends forth her eclectic band of artists out from their city hideouts to sell their work in the peaceful Plaza del Museo.

A statue of Spanish artist Murillo even stands proudly in the center of the square, keeping an eye on the standards

If you aren’t an art collector, this is the place to become one. In fact it’s hard not to leave without picking up something, given the astonishing prices of what’s on offer. The market’s artists originally sold very traditional Spanish art, given the Sevillian love for it’s own. However you can really note the gentle touch of more global styles and modernity sneaking in.

Seville itself features heavily in the inspiration for many of the paintings, but in a city as beautiful as this why would you want to paint anything else? In fact, a statue of Spanish artist Murillo even stands proudly in the center of the square, keeping an eye on the standards.

If you’re just looking to pick up a pretty souvenir, one artist has become very popular with her paintings of people inspired by Chinese art. Another artist sells very lovely water colours of the incredible tiles of the Alcazar. Small pieces like these won’t set you back more than €20, but you can find things as low as €12. On the other end of the spectrum, bigger paintings head up into the €400+ range, but even this is an absolute steal in terms of what you get for your money. What’s more, los artistas are very happy to talk you through the techniques, history and ideas behind each painting.

The Plaza del Museo is one of Seville’s most impressive small plazas. It’s home to some incredible trees, which provide a striking backdrop for an art fair and also welcome shade from the summer sun. If you’ve had a heavy Saturday night of wine and tapas, start your hangover cure with a relaxing walk around the market…. That’s what we like to do.

Things wrap some time around 3 pm, so don’t leave it too late.

SBT says dine on: Go and pick up a tostada for breakfast beforehand.
SBT says wine on: Aaaaand why not kick it off with a good old fashioned Andalucian coffee.

Come here if: You want to go home with some nice alternative souvenirs
Don’t come here if: It’s raining
When? Sundays 0900 – 1500 Where? Plaza del Museo, 41001 Seville


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