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Marisqueria Ribeira Do Miña – Stop being so shellfish

If you were wondering where the ocean’s dwindling fish supplies have gone to, a good place to start would be the Marisqueria Do Miño. This must be what hell is like for crustaceans after a salty genocide; to be piled unforgivingly onto the clamshell of doom before their final journey into the belly of José the well-fed Madrileño. On the contrary, this is where José and his seafood loving friends will come when they die and go to heaven.

Neptune himself doesn’t eat much better; just come with an empty stomach.

In case you didn’t know, 120 million tons of fish are caught each year. Like you, we reeled in SHOCK. “We must do something about this!!!” we hear you cry. Might we recommend getting on the next plane to Madrid, heading straight to Marisqueria Ribeiro do Miño and getting involved with your own clamshell mountain before you miss the feast altogether.

So let’s look at the hard facts. What can you get for your dollar? – Special menus sail in at €36.50 or €46. 50. With both of these you get a choice of octopus for four people, shoulder of pork for four people, pimientos de padron (salted green peppers – a must try) and a house seafood platter for four people. The extra €10 hauls in a Galician steak; or beef entrecote; or Galician hake. True explorers of the ocean wisely opt for the seafood platter; Neptune himself doesn’t eat much better; just come with an empty stomach.

This is no fuss, Stripped Back Galician cusine in it’s purest form. Lots and lots of seafood and Ribeiro wine at very reasonable prices. Tacky design, aluminium and bad taste marble walls, as always the sign of quality.

Thank Cod for Spanish food, but this is no plaice for the faint hearted!

SBT says dine on: House seafood platter, pimientos de padron.
SBT says wine on: House Ribeiro and licquor de hierbas to digest.

Come here if: You love shellfish, pigging out and food comas
Don’t come here if: Piles of things with claws and shells make you feel freaky
When? Tuesday – Sunday: 13:00 – 16:00 and 20:00 – 00:00 Where? C/ Santa Brígida 1, 28004 Madrid

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