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Los Corralones Sevilla – Squatters Rights

Setting up a business in Spain is a nightmare. Government taxes, regulations and money hoovering techniques are enough to sink the Armada. What would you do as a respectable negociero?

Come here to see the hippy, hash smoking, roots-people of Spain in their natural habitat. Freedom rules.

The crew at Los Corralones have opted for the classic Spanish f**k you. When the gov. says no, do it anyway. The result is a village of abandoned rooftops, garages and tunnels with countless illegal bars jostling for space and proudly flaunting their individuality; much to the discontent of the sleepy vecinos.

As the Seville bars are shutting up shop for the night at 4 am on a weekend, the party here is getting going until well into the sunrise. Groups of friends gather to chill out and boogie to a backdrop of reggae, drum and bass and bongos under the Spanish stars.

Be sure to check out La Trompeta Verde, a rooftop bar under the guise of a “cultural centre” precariously balanced on top of C/ Castellar. The views are spectacular and leave you feeling like you’ve stepped out into a far-flung third world city. Downstairs the Flamenquito drunks are usually getting settled into the 5 am clapping marathon: Also very entertaining.

The late night crowd is very laidback, but there are a couple of dodgy dealers knocking around so keep an eye on your pockets and your girlfriends (por sí hay caso). If you’re not so much of a night owl then consider passing by in the day to get involved with some dance classes, or see some spontaneous flamenco.

Los Corralones is the complete opposite of everything that Seville stands for; which is all the more reason why it is such a valuable face of the city. Come here to see the hippy, hash smoking, roots-people of Spain in their natural habitat. Freedom rules.

Come here if: You don’t mind dirty, rustic and very roots style partying
Don’t come here if: You’re well dressed, or high maintenance
When? (If it hasn’t be shut down again) Weekends, late night until no ones left. Where? C/ Castellar, 41003 Sevilla


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