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La Playa de Lavapies – Lavapies Exploration Part 2

Okey Dokey: As promised, here’s the Stripped Back Lavapies exploration article numero dos. Time to delve a little further south and this time we’re headed to La Playa de Lavapies.

In true Madrid style you may well catch some impromptu live music kicking off from the pavement outside, or on the beach

Financial crisis and economic turmoil bladada blada blah: It might be screwing Spain over but it’s also pushing the creative recipients of the ever-gloomier financial black hole to put their noggins into the imagination lane. These guys came up with the marvelous idea of filling the floor of their bar with several kilos of the Costa Brava’s finest import fine grain sand. And then they decked the place out like a beach bar, which probably makes it the closest thing to a playa this side of Sol. Obviously décor alone doesn’t warrant a write up by ye olde Stripped Back travel council: So. What else can we tell you?

Tapapies (the lavapies tapas competition) is in full swing right now, so the heat is on to see who can create the tastiest tapas treats on the streets. We present to you: “El Cono de La Bernada” A paprika coated king prawn with its head nestled in a delicate crown of puff pastry, laced with cream of aubergine sauce. Surely no dish is more befitting of the king of shrimps than this magnificent bite. If only that little prawn had known what he was destined for…..

Why else should you come here? 1 Euro beers at happy hour and a refreshingly international food menu with Mexican, Japanese and French dishes all worth trying if you’re feeling tapassed out. In true Madrid style you may well catch some impromptu live music kicking off from the pavement outside, or on the beach; and nothing beats live music on a tropical beach like….. well, live music on a tropical beach.

Put your Lavapies head before you come here; this place is all about unpretentious, laid back, small-bar fun. Locals come here to catch up and drink cocktails or tuck into the very well put together wine list. Ask what their wine of the month is if you’d like to try something different on good recommendation.

SBT says dine on: International tapas.
SBT says wine on: €1 beers, cocktails, wine of the month.

Come here if: Trying to get away from the usual tourist draws
Don’t come here if: You don’t want to get sand in your pants
When? Sunday – Thursday 1300 – 0000, Friday – Saturday 1300 – 0200 Where? C/ Argumosa 9, 28012 Madrid

Phone: 911 42 96 03


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