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La Mia Tana – Eating out in the Soho de Sevilla

The Spanish food scene has always been reason itself to travel here. That said the food scene really is very Spanish….. AKA, it’s tapas or it’s tapas and good luck finding anything else. Change is creeping in slowly but surely, but it’s hard work convincing a Sevillano that comida “no Andaluza” is anything other than second best.

That explains why the world and it’s familia descended on the little place just after we arrived

Perhaps then, you’ll be surprised to hear of the Soho of Seville; a little place where boutique design sets the benchmark and businesses are swaying away from traditional España.

On recommendation we thought we’d start with La Mia Tana, a very popular Italian restaurant. Having left with bellies on the brink of bursting we can now see why: Multi-cheese nachos with guacamole and salsa starter for two; chunky tortellini in rich spinach cream with parsley, a provolone pizza with fresh basil and cherry tomatoes; two slices of walnut and banana chocolate cake; two large glasses of red wine. All for the modest price of €29 thank you very much. That explains why the world and it’s familia descended on the little place just after we arrived.

Rather than the food and its price, being the reason to come here, if anything it was the genuinely warm welcome from the Mia Tana brothers (who have been running the pizzeria since 1991) that stood out. The staff are also very happy to talk you through the wine list and bear in mind that for your €29 you can afford to pick from the high end.

As with many of the places on the Soho network, design is fresh and modern with the quirkiness that usually comes with fringe establishments. As an added bonus, Mia Tana is stumbling distance from the bars and clubs of Alfafa if you’re looking for nightlife afterwards.

This is a great place to come with friends when no one wants to break the bank. On average for €15 you can have 3 courses and a drink – looks like the crisis isn’t all doom and gloom then!

SBT says dine on: Provolone.
SBT says wine on: Ask for wine recommendations.

Come here if: To pig out on decent pizza with mates
Don’t come here if: You’re looking for upmarket gourmet kinda stuff
When? Tuesday – Sunday, 1315 – 1730 and 0730 – 0130 Where? C/ Perez Galdos 24, 41004 Sevilla

Phone: 954 22 68 97

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