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Kabokla – Welcome to Brasil

The future of Kabokla is uncertain. The lease has come to an end and the owners have gone back to Brasil until the autumn. They promise to return and start afresh in a new property. We sincerely hope so.

The Brasilian bar, tucked down a Malasaña side street was a diamond: A place to come on a Friday evening and lose yourself in a little chunk of Brasil, firmly cemented in the heart of Madrid.

The women of this family run business were the most welcoming hostesses. Regular clients were greeted with open arms and kisses, the cachaca flowed non-stop and even the older women of the family were always ready for a party. Perhaps it’s just the Brasilian way that things have to be done with passion. At least if you never make it to Rio, you can come and experience that same passion in Spain. It shines out in the service, the well thought out décor and the great atmosphere.

Clientele that come here are down to earth and predominantly Brasilian. It can be seen how tight-knit the community in Madrid is because they all seem to know each other. That doesn’t for one moment mean that you aren’t just as welcome though.

Weekends normally mean live music; it’s always spontaneous and could start any time from midnight ‘til three in the morning. Stick around as it’s generally very fun. Expect upbeat, Brasilian fused funk with sexy reggae undertones. Married with the best caipirinãs you’ll find this side of the Atlantic and beautiful hot Brasilian snacks for when the room starts spinning; there’s just no reason to leave.

To sum it up, this place is refreshing and fun. Kabokla is a cool way to mix up your usual night out routine. Try the “caipiroska’s”: the STRIPPED BACK” favourite intoxicator. NB: Warning – the drinks here are good and strong 😉

As many with bars in Madrid, August is a bit of a down time. Keep your ears tuned, because they will be back and the future premise promises to be a good one.

Where? Calle de San Vicente Ferrer, 55

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