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Go Funk Yourself – Sabados en La Sala Sol

Sala Sol is a long standing player on the Madrid nightlife circuit. Probably because its roots come from during the Madrid movida after Francos collapse of power. When Madrileños started letting their hair down in style and partying became the past time of choice for everyone.

A night here is guaranteed “buen rollo” good time city

The Sala often hosts concerts on a small scale for Spanish bands that frequently go on to make it big in the country. However, when we most like to go here is late Saturday night. Great funk and soul with a splattering of old rock and roll pumps from the slow spinning vinyl’s to an eclectic crowd of party-goers.

The venue itself doesn’t boast any particularly outstanding features, its essentially just a small, old concert hall. But a night here is guaranteed “buen rollo” good time city. Keep an eye peeled for the regular freaky with an 80’s moustache and killer funky dance moves; one of the many odd balls that come here to own the dance floor.

Drinks are also pretty cheap, and the entrada won’t ruin your pocket so all in all a good value night that stands out as a fun alternative.

Come here if: you like great vibes and good company
Don’t come here if: erm… no buts, just great grooves
When? Tuesday – Saturday, 0000 – 0500 Where? C/ De los Jardines 3, 28013 Madrid

Website: Phone: 915 326 490 


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