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Cochinillo in Pedraza – Traditional Spanish Country Cuisine

Once again dear reader we are about to impart to you insider knowledge of the highest degree. But that of course, is why you are here and not seeking the council of our key competitors who send you to Segovia to eat cochinillo with barely a moments regret that in fact it is not at all the best place to try this delicacy.

This is one of the best places in Spain to try cochinillo so it’s really worth splashing out

The cochinillo is reason enough to hire a car and drive to Pedraza rather than follow the other tourists on the train to Segovia. But, Pedraza is in a league of its own even without this mouth-watering Spanish treat. The town is a fairytale some 800 years old atop a small hill in the Castilla and Leon countryside. Late in the year is the best time to visit, as the summer wraps up and the leaves of the surrounding trees are slowly licked and then engulfed with autumnal flames of red and yellow.

We recommend arriving early afternoon so that you can build up an appetite walking around what is easily one of the most charming, walled villages in all of Spain. The surrounding hills offer lovely short walks, and the castle (dating back to the 13th Century) is also worth exploring.

Our choice restaurant in Pedraza is El Soportal, which also happens to be the favourite of any Madrileño family worth knowing. This means book ahead or be disappointed.

The ceilings of the restaurant bare the weight of majestic oak beams that hang above an uneven stone paved floor. The structure has been beautifully maintained exactly as it was built hundreds of years ago and the interior is incredibly inviting.

The main dishes to order are either cochinillo (roast suckling pig, no more than 21 days old), or cordero (lamb). All the meat dishes are slow-cooked in a traditional stone oven for at least 4 hours. The flavours are sublime, and the meat is like caramel. They will ask what you want to eat when you phone to book the table; the best bet is to order both. Bear in mind that half a cochinillo is just about enough for 2 people, or 1 with a big appetite.

This is one of the best places in Spain to try cochinillo so it’s really worth splashing out.

N.B – as winter draws closer keep an eye on weather conditions. Pedraza is prone to heavy snow-fall even if Madrid is fine. It is a fairly isolated spot so don’t risk getting stranded.

SBT says dine on: Cuarto de Cordero, Cochinillo.
SBT says wine on: Red red red, try Faustino Crianza, a beautiful match with cochinillo.

Come here if: You want to get out of Madrid for a day and you’re up for a long drive
Don’t come here if: You’ve only got a few days in the city and can’t bear to miss out on the Prado
When? Every day from 0930 Where? Plaza Mayor, No. 8, Pedraza, Segovia

Website:  Phone: 921509826

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