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Café bar La Cacharreria – Down-time

This small and quirky little enterprise serves as the perfect lazy day hangout. Its tranquil vibe means that you are free to roll the singer sewing machine foot pedal, and drift through the three phases of [&hellip... Read More

Food & Drink

La Azotea - Haute Cuisine

La Azotea – Haute Cuisine in Sevilla

This tiny food haven has successfully combined bistro style with restaurant class. Hugely popular with locals, La Azotea has redefined gourmet tapas across the three Azotea mini eateries that have popped up over the last couple [&hellip... Read More

Food & Drink

El Rinconcillo Authentic Spanish sevilla seville stripped back travel

El Rinconcillo – Authentic

This small piece of history is considered to be one of the oldest drinking spots in Seville. Founded in 1670 by the De Rueda family, the friendly camareros ensure that both tourists and locals are well [&hellip... Read More

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