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Café bar La Cacharreria – Down-time

This small and quirky little enterprise serves as the perfect lazy day hangout. Its tranquil vibe means that you are free to roll the singer sewing machine foot pedal, and drift through the three phases of [&hellip... Read More


Baños Arabes sevilla seville stripped back travel arabic baths aire de sevilla

Aire de Sevilla – Arabic extravagance

When the tapas-vino sweats kick in and the dreaded sightseeing-ankles syndrome starts niggling the old Achilles; it’s time to chill. You can either crawl back to your grotty hotel bed and seek refuge from the intolerable [&hellip... Read More


carnival cadiz stripped back travel

Cadiz Carnival – The start of Spring

An uneasy calm silences the streets of Cadiz. The gusty seaside breeze falls on deaf ears. A bundle of locals nervously recite verses amongst themselves on a park bench. Behind the walls however, excitement builds. The [&hellip... Read More


Plaza del Salvador Evening Aperitif

Plaza del Salvador – Evening Aperitif

Join the hordes of people that gather in Plaza del Salvador to begin an evening befitting the Stripped Back Sevilla lifestyle. This wide, open plaza is crowned by the Iglesia del Salvador, which lines the western [&hellip... Read More

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