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Café bar La Cacharreria – Down-time

This small and quirky little enterprise serves as the perfect lazy day hangout. Its tranquil vibe means that you are free to roll the singer sewing machine foot pedal, and drift through the three phases of the day this spot manoeuvres so well.

 This small and quirky little enterprise serves as the perfect lazy day hangout.

Lets start with breakfast. In fact, although all the options here are worthy, lets specifically talk about tostadas. The tostada is the Seville morning snack of choice. Composed of a bread and oil base, jamon and tomato are added as desired. La Cacharerria knocks out this delice with confidence, gourmetising the experience with a selection of infused oils, healthy homemade bread, tomate triturado on the side as standard, and a pinch of oregano to finish. And one more thing, this is (without hours of searching) THE ONLY PLACE in Seville that will serve you a tostada after 12.30! We late risers are also allowed to adore them ya’know!  Enough on that.

As the midday day crowd disperses, a mountain of  willy wonka glass domes are revealed. Proudly displayed homemade cakes illuminate the bar, fluidly complemented by speciality coffees. Reading glasses are pulled out, and broadsheet newspapers fill the room. Slowly but surely, tables sigh under the weight of thick coffee mugs, and as phase two turns into three, and the first of the cocktails emerge. Mojitos and caipirinhas priced at €2,50 mean that a jostling young crowd quickly pack out what has quickly become a bar.

So go on… lose yourself a few hours here, and we will be damned if you don’t consider it well spent.

SBT says dine on: Tostadas, youghurt fruit muesli pot, and afternoon cakes, .
SBT says wine on: bloody great coffees and mojitos.

Come here if: you’ve got no plans and a relaxing day ahead
Don’t come here if: you hate the idea of sitting in a coffee shop for hours  
When? Monday – Saturday 0830 – late Where? C/ Regina 14, 41003 Sevilla

Website: Phone: 954 212 166 


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