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Bar Alfalfa – Perfect Meeting Place

Bar Alfalfa is an intimate, devastatingly charming, timeless city classic. We LOVE it.  It’s time to strip Seville back to gaze unashamedly at her bare essentials.

Are you brave enough to lift off that dirty Cien Montaditos dress? Cast aside those scrappy Mercado Provencal stockings? Clumsily grapple with the clasp of that Café Europa bra strap (it’s ready to come off…)? If you are, then Seville will shyly reward you with great tostadas, fresh coffee, and the definition of authentic, rustic and all round greatness.

The Bar Alfalfa team fluidly feed their demanding clientele like a mother pig selflessly offers up her nipples to her insatiable litter of piglets. What’s more they do it from the official smallest kitchen in the city. If that’s not enough to impress you then maybe you’ll be swayed by their prices. Or perhaps you’ll be seduced by the décor; jamon and ancient wine bottles dressed in cobwebs huddle along the walls waiting to be selected. If all else fails you will surely be hooked by the food. Simple, tasty, good old-fashioned tapas. The high up stools also have perfectly placed footrests; a real-deal gold mine in the city of canary perch gastronomy.

Come here for a lazy breakfast. Nip in for a cheeky brunch booster. Or settle in to some mid-week evening boozing with your friends.

SBT says wine on: Cañas and house rioja, keep it simple.

SBT says dine on: Any of the tostas,

Come here if: You’re looking for a good meeting place with friends, your passing by for breakfast
Don’t come here if: You’re gluten intolerant, or want to sit on a terraza  
When? Mornings, afternoons and evenings Where? Calle Candilejo, 1, 41004 Sevilla


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Spanish travel guide - Stripped Back Travel

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