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Sevilla’s Al Solito Posto – Sweet, Sweet Pizza

Sometimes when the pizza craving hits there just isn’t any food in the world that could satisfy that aching. That’s why, however much we strip back a city, this Italian delicacy will never be forgotten. So if you can’t stand the sight of another tapas, and just want damn good pizza, we may just have found the place.

Al Solito Posto serves up bloody great food, on time, and for a fair price. Just how we like it.

The pizzas are exceptional… three days on and we are still thinking about it. The pasta equally as good, check out the heavenly porcini tagliatelle, and the extensive wine menu is up to scratch. If extraordinarily hungry then look no further than the calzone con huevo – a beautiful, oily, hunk of Italian calorific goodness.

The first Al Solito Posto was opened on Sevilla’s Calle Huelva. Relocation and expansion leaves us with our personal favourite Alameda branch, an Alfalfa branch, and a summer project down at the beautiful Azares de los Atunes beach town. Use it as a Sunday lunchtime meeting point, or simply somewhere to romance on a Wednesday night. Al Solito Posto serves up bloody great food, on time, and for a fair price. Just how we like it.

p.s. A new feature has been added… all you can eat pizza for €5 on Tuesdays! It’s a little complicated but if you’re strapped for cash you can get away with spending just seven turkeys and be well and truly s t u f f e d.

SBT says dine on: Feeling normal? you know the drill – topping one, topping two etc etc. Feeling fancy? Vesuvio Focaccia Bread. Feeling greasy? Calzone con huevo.
SBT says wine on: Icy white vino.

Come here if: You want laid back pizza vibes                                                  
Don’t come here if: you have a wheat allergy (on the alameda gluten free they do do!)
When? Thursday – Tuesday, 0900 – 1600, 2000 – 2330 Where? Alameda de Hercules 16, 41002 Sevilla AND Cuesta del Rosario 15, 41004 Sevilla

Website: Phone: Alameda: 954 90 89 85. Alfalfa: 954 212 889 



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